Helene Nicole
Be your dream. Be your goal. Be yourself.
Niche concepts

Niche concepts

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"Be happy.
Be your dream. Be your goal. Be yourself.
Being all this, while helping others being all this, makes me happy.

Since I first can remember, I used what was there to create something that wasn’t.
It did not matter what I did not have, ressources, money, experience, studies, etc., I got from A to B. Not always as planned. Usually not as planned. But I got there.
I truly believe I have all that I need at this very moment. Next step is to be creative. This is when my work begins.

The belief that i have all that I need to deal with challenges, make a dream come true, reach a goal, is what allows me to be free to succeed.

That same belief allows me to create concepts that will free you to succeed.
How can I help you ?"

Hélène Nicole

Hélène Nicole Richard is a professional in creativity. Freedom being her number one value, she spent the last 30 years intuitively creating niche businesses that allowed her to live her dreams.

Hélène Nicole created, operated and franchised her first niche market in retail from 1991-97 in Montreal. She then worked as a marketing coach to artists before relocating to Toronto in 1999 having figured out she too was an artist! She reinvented herself as a singer-songwriter, conceptor and presenter at the age of 36. She since has created and performed over 1200 children shows under the Gotta Love That French umbrella, created and hosted over 300 workshops for both children and adults and designed event concepts for various corporate clients.

Hélène Nicole’s creativity, intuition and her ability to discover niche markets is at the core of who she is as an artist.

Her great understanding of what is, her sincere desire for what can be, and her persistence and energy from the concept stage to the final product define her and her work today.


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